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Early Childhood Development Program


Hello! Bonjour! Ni hao!

How many times have you heard someone say that languages are best learned at a young age? Research seems to prove that this is completely true. Young children unconsciously pick up different languages naturally without being confused because they haven't established ONE specific language yet. Even while in the womb, they've been hearing a symphony of sounds! AND, those who speak more than one language are SMARTER. Check out The New York Times if you don't believe it!

Pris-T-giS Montessori believes that learning more than one language is awesome, and that learning a language is all about exposure. We also believe that it's an excellent opportunity to hear different languages when they're young because it can become a great foundation when they're older - whether or not they become a professional linguist! Young minds who get to listen to a language being spoken - and ample chances to practice speaking - will learn quicker and better.

Plus, knowing more than one language has tons of benefits. It helps kids learn to be more respectful and sensitive to different cultures. It exercises different parts of their brains (and lips, and tongues!) And, it definitely helps with pronunciation: the sound for the letter 'V' in English does not exist in the Chinese language, but it does in French. The nasal sounds in French makes it easier to pick up other European languages; and in Mandarin, many words require speakers to curl their tongue which isn't easy to master! It's easy to see that learning another language can help with better pronunciation and form the building blocks of learning even more languages later on.

Our Trilingual program allows all our students to be exposed to English, French and Mandarin.  All our language programs are designed to be FUN, immersing children in songs, dance, games, puppet shows, pretend play, and LOTS of imagination. We make language learning so INNOVATIVE and FUN that we even have a flat-screen monitor in our classroom! Topics covered always deal with daily life and common expressions, so that kids can start using them right away.

So, when you hear your little one greeting someone else in French or Mandarin, go ahead and beam with pride or jump up and down with happiness, because we do, too!



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