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Welcome to Pris-T-Gis Montessori School

Learn Here. Lead Tomorrow.

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Program Statement

We believe our young students should succeed in all aspects of life. A well-rounded student will excel not only in academics, but in life skills, and that it all starts deep in their inquisitive minds right here, right now.

Pris-T-giS Montessori School is unique because it combines the original and well-rounded Montessori Teaching Philosophy with a lively, practical and modern Trilingual education. It's a wonderful and effective union of the best of both worlds: the tried-and-true Montessori Philosophy as well as the energy-filled atmosphere parents love about preschools.

Our Programs

Our Montessori program understood to be essential to the healthy social and cognitive development of children. At Pris-T-giS Montessori School, all areas of development are fostered through exploration, play and inquiry. Our curriculum takes a child initiated, adult-supported approach that focusing on daily activities, allowing the child to take the lead and then focusing on his or her interests through intentional observation, interaction and engaged communication. When this approach to learning takes place along with educators’ understanding of child development, each child’s learning and individual development is supported and as a result the child’s competence, capacity and potential are maximized.

Happy Twins

Where kids learn, and where kids can be kids at the same time!


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